SeedArts Australia: Where we came from…

SeedArts Australia Incorporated aims to plant the seed of potential in regional and remote communities. We do this through initiating and facilitating rich and real ongoing arts projects in partnership with other community groups, businesses and organisations. 

But where did SeedArts sprout from?

SeedArts Australia Inc. grew out of an ongoing community project in the small northern rivers town of Coraki.

After four years of delivering highly successful circus projects at Coraki Public School in partnership with Spaghetti Circus and a private philanthropic sponsor, the seeds for a new not-for-profit were sown. 

Founders Jacqui Levy and Simone O’Brien founded SeedArts Australia to continue this great work. They wanted to expand their reach and consolidate their work with other regional and remote communities. They saw value and a future in co-creating compelling community arts projects in partnership with local community networks.

SeedArts Australia has hit the ground running with a bunch of fabulous projects sprouting all over Lismore. Stay posted to find out more as SeedArts grows!

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